Love letter to the road

Traveler take me with you
Take my hand and throw me to the wind
Up to the sky if you will so I can inspect the stars for brightness and position
Traveler give me a map
So both our hands can trace the roads we’ve been on and choose now which ones to take
I have one request:
Let’s take the high road for we’ve been so low
Traveler love me
With all your tenderness and might
Without a care in the world
Without hesitation or constraint
For all roads will diverge soon,
As they should,
Yours from mine


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I smell the woodsmoke coming off your skin

Dipped in candlelight

I see the tall pines and silent grave plots 

That one day will hold our tired bodies side by side 

The overcast sky 

The chilling wind caressing the blades of grass at our feet 

Skylight shining on the roadside markers telling the weary traveler 

There are still eternities to go

This beaten up town as you grab my hand and we start to run 

Past brick facades and restored glory

To the cobblestone biting our feet

The iron fences designed to keep out and let it because we think it so

We were kids 

Finger painting our destinies on the bottoms of worn out sneakers 

Throwing our laughter to the sky as a peace offering 

Who knew anything thinking we knew everything 

In our innocence 

We couldn’t hurt eachother 

But we grew up so we had to


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Take what is lovely he said

Staring earnestly with innocent eyes

Too old for these times but too young for the present

Take what is lovely he said

And he took the words out of my mouth 

Twisted them in my head 

Made me, rearranged me 

Called me his work of art 

Left me for dead

Took me in his arms and kissed me 

Take what is lovely he said

As he tucked my hair behind my ear and placed roses in my lap

Sweet nothing 

Called me his golden goddess and his little girl 

Worshipped me only to take me from his pedestal 

Oh how the mighty fall 

Take what is lovely he said 

So he took me…



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December 8, 2013 · 11:13 pm

My Tragic Heroine

Hello all! 

I know I’ve been MIA for a while but that’s cause school this semester is taking my life in a headlock and not letting go. But since exams aren’t until next week…i have a moment of peace and calm to share my newest photo project with you. The photography, clothing, and makeup was done by me as a final project for my French Surrealism class. The jewelry was lent to me by a very talented young man named Lyle and coincidentally these were also his final project for his metal-smithing course. My friend Alyssa is the model who endured freezing temperatures and is my true heroine. 
















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The date

He had on his seersucker suit
Because it was summer and a straw hat seemed fitting
Hesitantly he walked into the cafe where he’d met her 40 years before
She had been a waitress back then asking him how he liked his coffee
And he sometimes brought her flowers
Nothing had changed
The same wooden tables that didn’t balance
The same large windows with dust on the rim
There was a new waitress now but it seemed she resembled her a bit
Maybe just my imagination he thought and shook his head
Picking a seat somewhere in between the past and the future he waited
She walked in like a breath of fresh air
Familiar yet unexpected
Dressed in gray with a big brimmed hat shielding her eyes and skin
Her lips still red her eyes still blue
They hadn’t aged that much he thought smiling to himself
A kiss on the hand
Murmured hello’s
The customs hasn’t changed
Merely the times had come and gone faster than expected

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Midnight Dance

Shall I put the record on, he asked

Shyly, uncertain

Taking her by the hand as music floated out the window

Inviting a glance into the dimly lit room

Arms slung around waists and shoulders

Doing the simplest thing in the world

Eyes closed and hearts beating with the promise of a next step

Right, left, together he counted feverishly

Not wanting to crush her because

She was so fragile in his hands

Her cheek resting against his


He realized he wanted to hold her tighter than tight and closer than close

Until the sun came up or the lights went down

Caught in this new romance

This fledgling notion of being in love

If love is what it is

Turn your mind off he said to himself

She can feel your fear

And all I’m afraid of is this moment


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